Rail transport

At speeds of up to 160 km / h Express train
The country's fastest rail freight train, according to direct express passenger
Run train level run. Mainly for high value-added products
Provide direct express services for customers to improve product health
Life cycle and speed up the flow of funds
Road transport
The development of Qiyun services, the full use of various types of transport vehicles for
Customers provide a full range of flexible trunk transport services.
For the regional chain, door to door, special, professional
Customers to provide linkage services. We promise: punctual delivery
Never delay
air freight

For all types of cargo air transport, including centralized consignment, door to door transport, etc .; to provide air, land and air transport and other multimodal transport; contractors, samples, small items of one-stop transport services
sea transportation

No matter what logistics service you need, what you need to do is just think of us. We insist: unremitting efforts to pursue excellence in the way forward without end, for you to create a maritime transport service
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