International transportion agent
The country's 200 branches and overseas agents to provide you with professional international express mail services, 24-hour online for you to solve the problem; with specialized, customized,
High-end, intelligent distribution management capabilities.

Professional Logistics Company
The company transport capacity, the strength of the price is reasonable, our company can pay according to the actual volume of a certain risk deposit, valuables can be assigned to escort. "Do the strongest logistics service providers, do the best freight forwarders," struggling logistics relying on a solid cargo transport, shore resources, the overall strength of overseas institutions, extension and improve the logistics supply chain management, with its unique project management And services to win the trust of customers.


Large Air Transport Service Case

The company transport capacity, the strength and reasonable price, our company can be based on the actual volume
Pay a certain risk deposit, valuables can be sent to escort.

Tripartite data interworking

With a multi-temperature control combination of transport, distribution and alienation services of transport products and models, has a strict transport organization, is a supply chain integration of professional transport companies.

Sea shipping
Road transport
air transport
Rail transport
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